ecological natural sustainable circular fiber

A Sustainable fiber

Basalt fibers are made purely from the single raw material of basalt volcanic rock. It is effectively a thread of stone.

Made without the addition of chemicals like boric acid (glass fibers) or any other minerals, these fibers are sustainable, recyclable, circular and environmentally-neutral.

They are considered circular as they contain no additives and basalt fibers can be recycled by simply melting them down to create new fibers of exactly the same quality.

Basalt fibers are environmentally-neutral as they are made from 100% natural rock and any basalt residue in the environment will not disturb any eco system. They are an effective alternative to plastics, preventing the release of damaging micro plastics into our oceans.

Basalt fibers are produced directly from basalt rock, of which there is a sustainable and plentiful global supply.