Basalt multi-axial fabrics

Multi-axial (non-crimp) reinforcement fabrics are made up of several layers of parallel fibers, which can be laid in different orientations.  The individual layers are stitched together to form a single and multi-axial reinforcement fabric which can be cut, shaped and placed dry into a mold in the exact position needed for the composite part.  Being stitched, a multi-axial fabric can be handled without falling apart and it has excellent in-mold drapability for accurate dry lay-up.

Product Portfolio

Multi-axial fabrics

Specific grades for EPOXY resin applications and VINYLESTER / POLYESTER applications are available.

Grade Weight (g/m²) Style Resin compatibility
BAS UNI 350 416 UNI 0 (90) Epoxy - general purpose
BAS BI 450 464 BI -45/+45 Epoxy - general purpose
BAS BI 600 605 BI -45/+45 Epoxy - general purpose
BAS TRI 720 719 TRI -45/0/+45 Epoxy - general purpose
BAS UNI 550 578 UNI 0 (90) Vinylester / Polyester
BAS BI 300 307 BI -45/+45 Vinylester / Polyester
BAS BI 500 498 BI -45/+45 Vinylester / Polyester
BAS TRI 600 610 TRI -45/90/+45 Vinylester / Polyester