Meshes and Geogrids

Basalt reinforcing MESH and GEOGRIDS are made from basalt fiber, offering natural alkaline and corrosion resistance and enhanced with a polymer coating.

They can be used to reinforce (alkaline) concrete and have been specifically developed in relation to the reinforcement of new build and (seismic) retrofit of various concrete and masonry structures.

Basalt geogrids are materials used to reinforce soil and similar materials and can be used in areas such as road construction and marine off-shore infrastructures.

Product Portfolio

Basalt Meshes and Geogrids

Grade Weight (g/m²) Width (mm) Mesh Window Size (mm)
BAS MESH 110 7x6 110 1000 7 x 6
BAS MESH 122 25x8 122 1000 25 x 8
BAS MESH 125 25x25 125 1000 25 x 25
BAS MESH 200 25x25 200 1000 25 x 25
BAS MESH 205 25x8 205 1000 25 x 8
BAS MESH 400 25x25 400 1000 25 x 25