Fire-Barrier Prepreg

Basalt fabric with natural fire-blocking performance, impregnated with bio-based and self-extinguishing thermoset resin. A fire-barrier prepreg made from stone and bio-waste.

Applications include public transport, maritime, air, automotive, construction, batteries and fire protection.

Product Portfolio

Basalt Fire-Barrier Prepreg

Typical features:
- self-extinguishing basalt prepreg with low heat and smoke release
- extreme low heat release
- cure between 120 – 150 °C (press moulding, vacuum bagging, autoclave)
- short cycles and high productivity by press moulding
- high stiffness and strength
- Tg > 200 °C
- Available in a variety of woven and non-crimp fabrics

Grade Fabric Weight (g/m²) Resin content (%) Width (mm)
BAS 1103.63 630 (1/3 twill) 19 1270