Treated and Functionalized Fabrics

Woven fabrics with high fire and thermal resistance, made of 100% basalt fibers with customized coating. This coating is designed to improve fabric stability, seam strength (for sewn products), and mechanical and handling properties while maintaining high fire-resistance.

Used for fire-barrier and heat insulation fabric in various textile industries.

Product Portfolio

Treated and Functionalized Fabrics

Other widths and strips of 5 cm and larger are available on request.

Grade Fabric Weight (g/m²) Width (mm) Weave Style
BAS 7101.20 P 220 1270 Plain
BAS 7101.20 T 220 1270 Twill 2/2
BAS 7101.35 A 350 1550 Alas-Satin
BAS 7101.63 T 630 1270 / 1580 Twill 1/3