Twisted Yarn

Basalt twisted yarns, built up from a defined number of fine basalt continuous rovings, twisted together to form a yarn. Wound into ‘milk-bottle’-shaped plastic bobbins to ensure smooth processing.

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Twisted Yarn

Basalt twisted yarns are special assembled basalt rovings for textile applications including weaving, knitting, braiding. A combination of fine basalt direct rovings of 10 to 13 µm with 20 to 100 twists / meter in S or Z direction. Single direct rovings from 68 tex till 150 tex with upto 8 strands / yarn.
Other combinations of yarn filament diameter, number of strands and twist type are available on request.

Weight (Tex) Filament Diameter (µm) Number of Twist Bobbin Weight (kg)
68 10 Z40 5
68 x 2 10 Z50 5
110 x 3 11.5 Z50 5
150 13 Z50 5
150 x 2 13 Z50 5